Oregon Coast 02DL-D6869S
8-day back pack trip to the Enchantment Lakes, - Alpine Lakes Wilderness WA 02DL-D6392
Idaho 02DL-D7706
Hike to Mt. Headley, MT - Forest Fire Sept. 2021
Smith Dorrien Spray Trail Road, Alberta
Yaak River, MT
Liberty Creek Trail, WA 02DL-D2036
Eagle Cap Wilderness, OR 02DL-D0676
Eagle Cap Wilderness, OR 02DL-D6039
Area above West Fork of the Yaak Upper Falls, MT 02DL-D6678
Upper Enchantment Lakes, Alpiine Lakes Wilderness, WA 02DL-D6580
Lake Powell, AZ 02DL-D8015
Snowshoeing - Mt. Rainier National Park, WA 02DL-D1958
Near Yellowstone National Park 02DL-D7550
South of Benewah Camp Ground, ID
Pacific Ocean, Northern CA
Boise Peak, ID
Hike to Northwest Peak - Yaak River Area, MT
Misery Ridge Trail, Smith Rocks State Park, OR