Donna Larsen Photography

A selection of Donna’s favorite images.

I have had an interest in photography since I was first married in the early 70’s and my husband bought our first 35 mm camera. I loved documenting our lives, especially when we started having children.

I joined the Spokane Camera Club with my Dad when he retired in 1992.  It was there that I learned about composition, impact and technique. Each month we entered our images in competition to be judged by a local professional photographer.

I think many photographers start their photographic life as landscape photographers.  As is customary with many camera clubs, the Spokane Camera Club  has a “Subject” of the Month to photograph.  While members are not required to submit their images in “Subject”, I made the commitment 30 years ago that I would always enter “Subject of the Month”.  This forced me to photograph outside my comfort level.

The club has had many interesting subjects to photograph over the years. I have entered “Subject of the Month” every month since 1992.

Photographing such a wide variety of subjects has given me a greater appreciation for the world around me.  When a person asks,  ‘What types of subjects do you like to photograph?”  I reply “EVERYTHING!”.

Subjects in the past included:

  • EYES

Since I love the outdoors,  I am a Nature photographer at heart.  However, some of my favorite subjects are old trucks, stairs, doors and windows.

I went digital in 2005. Therefore, most of my images on my website were taken since 2005.  I maintain my digital images in a Microsoft Database called “ACCESS”.  Each image has a file number, date, location and other pertinent information.

When viewing my library, you can see where the image was taken.  With over 20,000 images in my database, it was difficult to pick which ones I liked the best.

Photography is my passion and hobby.  I often tell people that I only work to support my photography hobby. I have been a business owner for more than 40 years.  I have owned a restaurant, manufacturing companies, a private investigation firm and presently own two companies that offer continuing education courses to CPA’s.  Please visit the links on this website to see my two companies.

I hope you enjoy my gallery of images.  Feel free to contact me at any time at

Donna at Hunter Canyon UT